Paradise Valley

Rachel Livermore

Rachel Livermore

Thanks to a healthy dose of parental pressure, Rachel came to PVCC and for that she is eternally grateful.  Marianne Roccaforte-Gardner, Rowdy Duncan, Debbie Brown, and all the staff at Honors played a significant role in helping Rachel find something better in herself and discover the power she has within her.

Her most positive memory is the last day of being a facilitator for COM101.  Upon the completion of class, all the facilitators sat and talked about their amazing experience.  They all felt so happy and proud of themselves. Rachel wishes she could bottle that positive energy and emotion for when she needs it most.

Rachel participated in Honors, Peer Mentoring, and Diversity Inc.  All of these extra-curricular opportunities were instrumental in shaping her to be a leader.  Without these opportunities, she would have been a “car to class to car” student.  These activities put her in uncomfortable situations yet they prepared her for them as well.  “I never would have grown as a person without the people I met through these programs.”

Rachel values her PVCC experience and utilizes the diversity education and peer mentoring knowledge she obtained every time she interacts with others. Rachel feels that PVCC is a great alternative to a 4-year institution.  The personal environment was conducive to more individuality.  The smaller class sizes and closer mentor/student relationships provided an ideal environment for her success.  Rachel shared, “There are always things to do at PVCC, whether it be clubs or full programs.  The true knowledge learned at college is through all the extra stuff you do.  I use the word "stuff" because no other word truly encapsulates the sheer number of events, clubs, extracurricular opportunities, and programs that you can participate in. All of these are learning opportunities.  This is where you learn the really important skills, like leadership, conflict resolution, and soft business skills.”