Paradise Valley

Michael Mitchell

Michael Mitchell
(602) 787-7289
  • BA English, Dallas Baptist University
  • MA English, University of Texas at Arlington
Courses Taught
  • ENG091
  • ENG101
  • ENG102
  • ENH251
  • ENH101
  • ENH/EDU231
  • ENH230
  • ENG213
Teaching/Research Interests
  • Rhetoric/Composition
Teaching Interest/Philosophy
  • Students should have the expectation that what they are learning is relevant to the world they live in and that how they are taught is reflective of the best practices available. As long as there is communication, rhetoric will remain relevant. The study and practice of rhetoric is about the ability to understand one's audience, predict their needs/interests, and modify one's writing to communicate effectively to them. My teaching emphasizes bringing students to moments of conscious, informed decisions about how they say what they want or need to say to the audience they are addressing. I emphasize drafting, peer review, revision and redrafting in a collaborative environment...and having as much fun as possible along the way.
Projects/Programs/Publications/Committees/Grants/Professional Service
  • Residential Faculty Phoenix College 1991-2008
  • Residential Faculty Paradise Valley Community college 2008-present
  • President, Maricopa Community Colleges Faculty Association 2017-2018
  • Member, National Council of the Teachers of English
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