Paradise Valley

Matthew Logelin

Matthew Logelin

Matthew Logelin’s high school Guidance Counselor suggested he look at PVCC for his next step.  He started out as a car-to-class-to-car student, however the Spring of 2015 he took Meggin Kirk’s Intro to Education class and that class was the turning point in his career as an undergraduate student.  Matthew became very active in Club Ed and was the representative to the Student Government meetings.  In 2017, he became the Teacher Development Center Coordinator and has been actively engaged with the bi-annual PVCC community event, Festival of Tales.

The one word Matthew utilizes to summate his role as a PVCC student leader is that of “ambassador.”  Matthew’s commitment to education pervades all that he shares regarding his experience at PVCC.  He is a “volunteer extraordinaire” and credits the multitude of experiences he has had while a student at PVCC with laying the foundation for his professional pursuits and his commitment to serve others.  Matthew was the recipient of the President’s Volunteer Service Award in 2018 (silver award for 175 hours of service) and again in 2019 (gold award for over 300 hours of service). Matthew works with children in a program called, "After the Bell."  His duties include:  homework assistance, help with behavior management, building positive relationships with "opportunity youth," chaperoning off-site field trips, planning/facilitating activities and more.

Mike Ho, Director of Student Life and Leadership, was instrumental in Matthew’s last year at PVCC.  A highlight was the opportunity to present a workshop at the National Collegiate Leadership Conference on civic engagement and leadership.  The soft skills he has gained:  time management, conflict resolution, working in groups, and preparing and delivering presentations will serve him well as he goes on to complete his Master’s degree at NAU.

Matthew recommends PVCC to others.  The small, campus community environment provides countless opportunities to be actively engaged.  PVCC provides a high-value, economical educational experience and a great foundational experience with quality faculty.  Matthew shared, “Numerous scholarship opportunities are provided plus the faculty, staff and administration at PVCC are very student-centered.”  Matthew graduated from ASU spring of 2019 with a degree in educational studies and will embark on his Master’s degree through NAU.