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JAM – James Austin Murray

JAM – James Austin Murray

The supportive community for the arts offered at PVCC was very attractive to independent artist JAM.  Music has always been a part of his life and finding an educational environment that was conducive to pursuing this lifelong aspiration was very important.

Upon entering the classroom on his first day, the vision of professor Jacob Adler plucking the sitar, a stringed instrument used mainly in Hindustani music and Indian classical music, confirmed for JAM that he had arrived at his college!  Each subsequent music class proved to be beneficial with his guitar class being especially relevant to JAM in his current profession.  Chris Scinto has been a fantastic, supportive mentor.  Additionally, Music Theory professor Jacob Adler has been a tremendous inspiration to JAM.  He credits the outstanding faculty at PVCC with his commitment to this college. 

JAM is a singer songwriter that can be classified in a genre of folk, roots and rock.  JAM's songs are positive and focus on conscious empowerment.  His music is uplifting and sheds light on the positives in life.  JAM plays acoustic guitar while singing his own compositions.  He will be going on tour in southern California later this summer.  JAM would like to be signed to a major label, plans to continue to be a positive influence in music, and wants to bring others together in self-expression.  He thinks it is important to help his own generation find an optimistic outlook in life.

JAM loves performing on campus and is giving back to PVCC in a number of ways.  JAM energized the graduates at the 27th Annual PVCC Commencement in May 2017 with “Believe It’s Possible.” He performed classic rock songs for PVCC’s annual Fine and Performing Arts Scholarship fund-raiser.  Additionally, JAM has been very involved with Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock Teen Center and can be found there teaching classes and mentoring youth, when he is not touring.