Paradise Valley

Cyrus Commissariat

Cyrus Commissariat

While a sophomore at Pinnacle High School, Cyrus heard about the PVCC ACE Program.   Among the incredible professors, he had at PVCC, the one that stands out is Frederic DeClaremont.  Professor DeClaremont taught English 102.  Cyrus thoroughly enjoyed his teaching style and the essay topics he assigned. “He challenged us to think outside the box and apply the skills that we learned throughout college.”

Dr. Audrey Fresques, the head of the Early College Program is the most influential person that Cyrus encountered.  Dr. Fresques engaged her students in political debates and discussions on the impact of policy on the residents of Arizona. In fact, she helped Cyrus get an internship with the Arizona Education Association, the largest teachers’ union in the state. “I will never be able to thank the faculty of PVCC enough.  I truly enjoyed my time there.”

Cyrus’s most positive memory of his time at PVCC is the generosity of Professor Hall who taught a computer class.   She took all thirty of her ACE students to the cafeteria for breakfast and later to the bookstore for sweatshirts. She considers her students as family and her kindness will always stay with Cyrus.

“PVCC offers an open learning environment which benefits from its deep ties to the community and a compassionate group of educators.  I met fantastic people at PVCC and made deep and lasting connections with both faculty and students.”  Cyrus advises others to give PVCC a try, as the classes are affordable and quite beneficial.  Cyrus shared, “The education I received from PVCC is incredibly relevant, I utilize the skills I learned almost every day. The courses really do set one up for success in their future endeavors.”

Cyrus is studying Political Science and History with two minors (French and Sustainability) at Arizona State University.  He is committed to public service and insuring that every child in Arizona receives a world-class education.