Paradise Valley

Cayman Martin

Cayman Martin

Alumna Cayman Martin knew she wanted to attend Paradise Valley Community College when she found a familial atmosphere with a focus on the success and wellness of the students. When Cayman initially enrolled, she wanted to attain her Associates degree in science, but the classes intimidated her with material that she had never been exposed to before. Soon after, she switched her major to an associate of arts in psychology.

The most memorable course that she has taken at PVCC was called “Elements of Intercultural Communication”, which covers material such as diversity and cultural differences. It was this course that helped to push her beyond her comfort zone. One of the greatest influences she had in that class was faculty member Sherry Adams, who has been teaching at PVCC since 1994. She found additional mentors at PVCC in both Student Life Program Specialist and faculty member Rowdy Duncan and her Advisor Chris Hunt.

“All of these people played a huge part in my success as a student and really helped to guide me through my first years of college. They were all very invested in student development and wellness, and I am very grateful to have had them as resources.”

As she gained experience and confidence, Cayman switched her major back to biology and kept psychology as a minor. She then went on to graduate from Arizona State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Science and minor in psychology. She is  currently in her second year of medical school pursuing her ultimate goal of being an emergency medicine physician.

When asked what information she would pass along to incoming students she stated, “College is a lot of fun but also a time to cultivate your interests and decide what you would like to do for the rest of your life. Keep an open mind, get involved in different types of clubs or activities, and surround yourself with people who are also motivated to do great things. Those experiences will be invaluable in your own personal development, and also great application fodder if you’re interested in pursuing graduate or professional school. Ultimately, pursue what you’re passionate about!”