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Alumna Leads Students to Bright Futures

Alumna Leads Students to Bright Futures

Alexis Peterson was undecided on where to go and what to major in upon graduating from Shadow Mountain High School. After hearing about the opportunity to go to PVCC for free through the Honors Scholarship, she immediately made the decision to enroll and says “it was one of the best things to ever happen to me.” She says “the college experience is what you make of it.  Regardless of where you go, if you are not involved in school, it is not going to be as fun.”

Through her network at PVCC, Alexis formed the Women’s Leadership Network club and served as President until graduating. The club evolved into Women Rising, a group that works to empower and support female students through engagement, leadership, networking and mentorship.  Alexis’ legacy continues as Women Rising is an active club still today.

Peterson’s attitude, leadership skills, and academic achievements empowered her to earn numerous awards such as the Foundation Scholarship, the Presidents’ Honors List and the prestigious Golden Puma, an award recognizing outstanding student leadership.

After graduating from PVCC, Alexis transferred to the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University and graduated with a B.S. in Management. In the spirit of giving back, she decided to bring her expanded talents and education back to PVCC, which she calls her second home. Alexis is now the Honors Program Coordinator, and helps mentor Honors Program students.

This fall, Alexis will be going back to school to pursue her Master’s of Science in Leadership at Grand Canyon University with hopes of one day becoming part of the college’s administrative team.