Paradise Valley

Alexis Peterson

Alexis Peterson

Alexis Peterson was undecided on what major to choose when graduating from Shadow Mountain High School, but after taking her placement tests, she found a welcoming environment in PVCC’s Honors program. Throughout her years at PVCC, the Honors Program allowed her to connect with faculty whose mentorship has helped her greatly. Mike Ho, director of Student Life and Leadership was a great mentor who Peterson says taught her to “be her own champion.”

Through her network at PVCC, Alexis was able to form her own club called the Women’s Leadership Network with the manager for the Center for Employee and Organizational Learning and Communication faculty member, Michaelle Shadburne. The club evolved into Women Rising, a group that works to empower and support female students through engagement, leadership, networking and mentorship and that continues today.

Peterson’s attitude, leadership skills, and academic achievements helped her to become a recipient of the prestigious Golden Puma Award at the Puma Choice Awards. For the past 20 years, PVCC has been recognizing student achievement and leadership and the Golden Puma is a coveted honor, awarded to only a few students each semester.

After graduating from PVCC, Alexis enrolled at Arizona State University, where she majored in management and graduated in 2016. In the spirit of giving back, she decided to bring her expanded talents and education back to PVCC, which she calls her second home. Alexis is now the Honors Program Coordinator, where she helps mentor students through the Honors program.

Giving some advice to students who look to graduate in the coming years she said it is important to “make whatever environment you are in like the one you find at PVCC- a place to contribute positive change.”