Paradise Valley

Adam Makonnen

Adam Makonnen

The proximity of PVCC coupled with the opportunity to have familial support and receiving the president’s scholarship proved a perfect recipe for success for Adam Makonnen. 

Among Adam’s most positive memories is the open-mic night that members of the M.E.N program put on in 2014.  This evening of people showcasing their unique talents to the PVCC community was filled with laughter, conversation, and smiles.  He will always remember how everyone came together to enjoy a wonderful evening.

Cranston Forte was one of the very first people Adam met at PVCC and that encounter laid the foundation for a meaningful sequence of opportunities through his involvement in M.E.N., a program dedicated to minorities achieving academic success.  Cranston was committed to Adam’s successful progress and interaction with Cranston was a highlight of Adam’s time on campus.

Adam credits Communication 225 Diversity Inc., taught by Rowdy Duncan, with helping to shape him into the person he is today. Discussing tough issues such as stereotypes, discrimination and police brutality, and how they could, as Diversity Change Agents, do their part to positively change the world was profoundly impactful.  

Adam definitely recommends PVCC to students.  The faculty are helpful and attentive to students’ needs.  PVCC helped instill the discipline he needed to successfully transfer to the University of Arizona, and courses like Diversity Inc. helped shape him into a well-rounded person.  Adam encourages students to get involved on campus and to be eager to learn and try new and different opportunities; this was Adam’s recipe for success.