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President's Message

Paul A. Dale, Ed.D
Paul A. Dale, Ed.D


Welcome to the Paradise Valley Community College (PVCC) Learning-Centered College web site. PVCC, founded on the principles of student and human development, has been on a journey to become “a more learning centered college” since 1998. We have placed a greater focus on learning outcomes, assessment, and college systems that support learning. At PVCC, learning encompasses students, employees, as well as the organization.

This Learning-Centered College web site provides you: a brief history of the college’s journey in becoming more learning centered, an overview of the indicators of a learning centered college, links to our college mission and strategic planning documents, and additional resources on learning centered practices.

Our college vision sets the aspiration that our learners will “increase their capacity for personal growth and positive social change.” It is only through the “Power of Learning” that this vision will be achieved.

I encourage you to reconnect every day with your personal understanding of learning and how your role at PVCC contributes to expanded and improved student learning. Please use this web site to learn more about our core value and institutional culture as a Learning-Centered College.


Paul A. Dale, Ed.D