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Z Connect - One Thing Leads to Another Scholarship


Z Network, Club Z and PVCC the Pilot - History

The Z Connect fund is an example of how “one thing leads to another” when students, employees and the community collaborate and work toward a shared vision. All colleges in the US and Canada can implement Z Network/Club Z activities on their campus and all MCCCD students are eligible for the Z Connect Scholarship. As of 2018, the current pilot campus of Paradise Valley Community College is coordinating the MCCCD student, employee and community engagement for Z related activities that includes mentoring, in-class/out-of-class learning experiences, special events and community service based on the entrepreneurial spirit and life aspirations of students.
This fund began when Dr. Caron Sada mentored student Christopher Figueroa on the creation of the Z Connect proposal that was selected as a finalist for the 2017 Social Venture Partner education pitch contest. Christopher participated in the SVP pitch process and was ultimately awarded $7500 for his inspiring presentation aimed at increasing Z opportunities for students. Other community members, Sharon Eivinsen and Miquel Saucedo, added to the fund so that it would exceed the $10,000 amount required to endow the fund. And, now additional campus based and community advocates are working toward growing this fund so that it can be used to serve even more students with program and scholarship opportunities that will create, facilitate and reward entrepreneurial student achievements connected with student life aspirations and positive social change.

The Fund

The purpose of the Z Connect - One Thing Leads to Another program and scholarship fund is to create, facilitate and reward creative student achievement experiences powered by entrepreneurial spirit and aimed at helping students achieve their personal goals while also working toward positive social change. The fund will support program activities and scholarships. Scholarships will be awarded based on:

  1. Student must complete and submit a scholarship application according to requirements/instructions.
  2. The Z Connect Scholarship Committee will include 4 or more Club Z leaders who are employees of MCCCD responsible for implementing Club Z activities in addition to those required as members of the scholarship committee based on Foundation policies with the majority of decision making power associated with the Club Z leaders (not the Foundation appointees).
  3. Application reflections will be assessed based on the Z Connect generated rubric. The scholarship will be awarded based the rubric scoring; if multiple reflections earn the same high score, the scholarship committee will vote on who receives the scholarship(s). This scholarship honors broad skills and achievements beyond traditional academic success measures with a special focus on social entrepreneurship and positive social change. There is no GPA requirement.
  4. The amount of the awards will vary based on the current fund balance and up to the discretion of the Z Connect scholarship committee consistent with MCCCD foundation policies. Program and scholarship distributions will be made in accordance with the Z Connect committee’s plan. Donors will not derive, directly or indirectly, any benefits from the Fund and shall have no control over the investment or spending of the Fund.

Club Z

Club Z

Club Z


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