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Who can teach dual enrollment courses?

The Higher Learning Commission (HLC) is the accrediting body for Maricopa Community Colleges. The HLC sets criteria for instructor qualifications. Instructor files are reviewed and ultimately approved by the respective department chair for the discipline.

Minimum Requirements for Academic or Occupational Area

OPTION A: A Master’s degree in the teaching field

OPTION B: A Master’s degree in any teaching field with 18 graduate semester hours in the teaching field

  • Number of Graduate Credits earned in discipline teaching (Level 500+)
  • Graduate credits are generally 500 level courses and above. Upper division credits are typically 300-499 level courses. Refer to the back of the transcript to determine what constitutes graduate or upper division credits

OPTION C: A Master’s degree in any teaching field with tested experience approved by the MCCCD discipline-specific Instructional Council (IC)

OPTION D: A Master’s degree in any teaching field with 24 upper division semester hours in the teaching field

  • Qualified ONLY through September 2022.
  • Instructors qualifying with these criteria must also submit a compliance plan

Alternative Minimum Requirements for Occupational Areas

Occupational teaching fields require the following from an accredited college or university:

  • A Bachelor’s degree in the field, or A combination of education, training, and tested experience.

ATTENTION: Education, training, and tested experience will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and will require sufficient documentation such as transcripts, an employment verification letter, industry certification, client statements, and/or tax records. The Chair/OPD signature on the Faculty Minimum Qualification form confirms that this documentation was reviewed and approved for occupational instructors meeting qualification status with alternative requirements.

DE Instructor Expectations & Benefits

  • MCCCD Annual Disclosures: Employee Learn Center
  • Instructors must complete EDU 250 Overview of the Community Colleges within a two year period.
  • Syllabus
    • The high school course syllabus must list college course competencies consistent with the MCCCD guidelines and expectations.
  • Site Visit
    • A designated faculty lead in the discipline will schedule a site visit to discuss curriculum and course alignment to the college course offering.
  • PVCC Center for Teaching and Learning
    • Professional Development & Resources
    • No Cost
  • PVCC Library
    • HS classroom consultation
  • Tuition fund allocation to high school for program enhancement
    • Used at high school discretion.
    • Classroom materials
    • Professional development
    • Textbooks
    • Curriculum development
  • Potential for Adjunct faculty opportunity in the future