PVCC’s administrative team provides overall leadership in the context of our core values – innovation, integrity, inclusiveness and public stewardship. Four interconnected divisions – academic affairs, student affairs, administrative services, and information technology – report directly to the college president. Under each of the respective divisions, led by a vice president or dean, is a cadre of functional unit level leaders who implement the college’s planning objectives. Within academic affairs, each of the instructional units is led by an elected division chair, fully engaged in academic leadership.

The President's Leadership Team (PLT) meets weekly to discuss and act upon college-wide issues. A primary focus of the team is to present and act upon ideas that will enhance learning throughout the college and improve student success. PLT also addresses college operational issues and monitors progress on activities that support our strategic directions and priorities. Faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to share ideas through either the established channels (e.g. committees, supervisors) or directly with a PLT team member.

A critical interlocking aspect of the organizational structure is the College Leadership Council, in which members of the President’s Leadership Team (PLT) lead stakeholder groups in addressing one of the current college strategic planning priorities. Each of these stakeholder groups is populated with faculty and staff representing all four divisions. As a result, PVCC maintains and supports both vertical (hierarchical) and horizontal (cross-division interdependence) leadership structures.

Paradise Valley Community College Organizational Chart

Photo of Dr. Paul Dale

Dr. Paul Dale, President
602-787-6610 Office - A120
Support: Lori Espinoza

Photo of Dr. Mosley

Dr. Mary Lou Mosley, Vice President of Academic Affairs
602-787-6607 Office - A104
Support: Shannon Monge

Photo of Mr. Herman Gonzales

Herman Gonzalez, Vice President of Administrative Services
Phone:602-787-6601 - Office: A105
Support: Jeanette Saxon


Dr. Tanisha Maxwell, Interim Vice President of Student Affairs
Office - A103
Support: Jake Ormond


Dean of Student Affairs
Position Open

Photo of Dr. Digianfilippo

Dr. Denise Digianfilippo, Dean of Academic Affairs
602-787-6693 Office - A106
Support: Shannon Monge

Photo of Ms. Sandy McDill

Sandy McDill, Interim Dean of Administrative Services/Enrollment Services
602-787-7352 Office - KSC1105

Dean of Information Technology
Position Open

Director of Development, Alumni and Community Relations
Position Open

Director of Marketing and Public Relations
​Position Open

John Snelling

John Snelling, Director of Institutional Research and Effectiveness
(602) 787-6840 - A118
Support: Jaime Adriance