Puma Innovation Grant

Puma Innovation Grant


In an effort to more fully realize “all-points leadership” (the belief that good ideas exist and emerge throughout the College), we are re-launching the process to access funding to rapidly implement innovative initiatives. The new process is based on the Design Thinking model used in entrepreneurial organizations.  To learn more view this introductory video or read more about Design Thinking.

The Puma Innovation Grant is designed to encourage all PVCC employees and students who have new and innovative ideas to help the College in solving current challenges or to achieve current goals and priorities during the current fiscal year. Even if the applicant will not be the person executing his/her proposal. Employees can share their innovations and ideas by submitting them on the New Innovation Idea form available on the Puma Innovation Grant website. 

All submitted New Innovation Idea forms will be reviewed by the PVCC Executive Team or designees, and if approved, a Sponsor will move the proposal forward.  The approved/sponsored Innovation Ideas will be made available to the campus community on the Puma Innovation Grant website. Employees who have interest or would like to collaborate with others can apply for Puma Innovation Grant funds for projects which advance these innovation ideas.  Employees should obtain a written approval from their supervisor, Chairs or VP prior to applying for Grant funds.  Employees will use the SPOL system to submit the Grant budget request.  The Puma Innovation Grant can be funded with one-year or two-year term.

Design Thinking video

Puma Innovation Grant Guidelines