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Math Center


We can help you navigate math in an online world! Need some help with Cranium Cafe? Watch this video!

Math Center in the Q-Building

Math tutors will be providing virtual tutoring during this semester (Spring 2021). The Math Center offers services and resources for students which include the following:

  • Math Tutoring virtual drop-in tutoring and virtual scheduled tutoring is available
  • Calculator Rentals ($20 per semester) for more information please scroll below
  • Math Success Coach
  • Supplemental Instruction for various math courses

If you have questions or would like help making an appointment with a tutor or success coach, please call us at 602-787-7740 or email us at

Calculator Information

Calculator Rentals: 

If you need to rent a calculator for the Spring 2021 semester please fill out the form below. There is a $20 charge for calculator rentals which will be applied to your student account. 

Below are the dates for rentals: Calculator Rentals

1/19: 8am - 6pm
1/20: 8am - 6pm
1/21: 8am - 6pm
1/22: 8am - 2pm
1/25: 8am - 6pm
1/26: 8am - 6pm
1/27: 8am - 6pm
1/28: 8am - 6pm
1/29: 8am - 2pm

2/1: 8am - 6pm
2/2: 8am - 6pm
2/3: 8am - 6pm
2/4: 8am - 6pm
2/5: 8am - 2pm

Bring your Student or Photo ID / Wear a mask you will pick up your calculator at E Bldg - Northwest Doors  - we will have the door open under the courtyard awning area. 

Pick-Up location for Calculators

Calculator extensions:

Fall calculator rental extensions are for students who are registered for Math courses for Spring 2021. We will extend the Fall rental contract through the end of the Spring 2021 semester.

Please fill out this form for an extension. Calculator Extension Link

Please refer to this link for some tips on returning equipment to campus: Learn before you Return Quick Start

Equipment that is not returned will result in a hold on your academic account and subsequent debt collections.