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Faculty Office Hours

  EXT. OFFICE Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
CHRISTIANO, ANGELA 76646 Q256 1:30P-2:30P 11:00A-12:00P 1:30P-2:30P 11:00A-1:00P BY APPT
CORNELL, PAUL 77914 Q266 10:30A-11:30A 10:30A-12:00P 10:30A-11:30A 10:30A-12:00P BY APPT
CRAIG, TONY 77236 Q258 11:45A-12:45P 7:30A-8:30A 11:45A-12:45P 7:30A-8:30A 10:00A-11:00A
DEAN, KIM 76825 Q269 10:15A-11:30A 10:45A-12:00P     BLACK MOUNTAIN   10:15A-11:30A 10:45A-12:00P     BLACK MOUNTAIN   BY APPT
DWORK, DAVID 76713 Q265 11:15A-12:30P 11:45A-12:15P 11:15A-12:30P 11:45A-12:15P 8:30A-10:00A
FERNANDEZ, JACQUIE 76678 Q260 2:20P-3:50P 2:45P-3:45P 11:25A-12:25P 2:45P-4:15P BY APPT
FREEMAN, CHRISTINE 77912 Q255 10:30A-11:30A 11:30A-1:00P 10:30A-11:30A 11:30A-1:00P BY APPT
HAMM, MIKE 76645 Q252 11:15A-1:00P 11:15A-12:00P 11:15A-1:00P 11:15A-12:00P BY APPT
HENDERSON, JEN 76714 Q267 11:30A-1:00P 9:00A-10:00A 11:30A-1:00P 9:00A-10:00A BY APPT
KELLGREN, GARY 77132 Q264 3:00P-4:30P 3:00P-4:30P 3:00P-4:30P 3:00P-4:30P BY APPT
KESZLER, RACHEL 76640 Q259   4:00P-5:00 9:30A-12:30P 4:00P-5:00P  
MARQUARD, MARIBETH 76683 Q257 4:20P-5:40P 3:15P-4:00P 4:20P-5:40P 3:20P-4:50P BY APPT
NICOLOFF, STEPHEN 76676 Q254 1:45P-3:00P 1:45P-3:00P 1:45P-3:00P 1:45P-3:00P BY APPT
STRONG, RON 76986 Q270 BY APPT 2:30P-5:00P BY APPT 2:30P-5:00P BY APPT
POWELL, DOSS 76681 Q268 4:30P-6:00P 3:45P-5:00P 11:45A-1:00P 3:45P-5:00P BY APPT