Health and Exercise Science

Teaching Healing Meditation

Welcome to the Teaching Healing Meditation for Stress Management Certification Program website. Courses in the Program are offered as part of the Maricopa County Community College District Curriculum and the Paradise Valley Community College Health and Exercise Science Division. Over the past few decades healthcare in the United States and elsewhere has been transformed by advances in science and technology and by a national movement that is transforming our healthcare system and our attitudes about the relative values of preventive versus remedial health care. That national movement is striving to meet the needs of millions of consumers who are seeking traditional and less invasive forms of complementary healthcare, giving healthcare providers new methodologies and techniques to assist their patients in being co-participants in their health and healing processes, and creating some new and exciting career opportunities.


This program provides instruction and experiential training in kinetic, auditory, and visual modalities of healing meditation; instruction and training in the application of these techniques for stress management; and training and practical experience in teaching and utilizing healing meditation for stress management in clinical and professional settings.


Our Aim in the THM Program is to link the student to knowledge and experience required to achieve better health, facilitate the health and healing of patients and clients, or provide the student with a stepping-stone to a new career opportunity.


The Mission of the THM Program is to provide our students with knowledge, training, and experience in the ancient traditions of the Afro-Asian Martial and Healing Arts supported by contemporary scientific studies in health, stress research, and stress management. We provide environments that facilitate educational programs that encourage personal and professional development and instructors that nurture mastery.