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  CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) UPDATE – CAMPUS CLOSED FOR IN-PERSON SERVICES:   Summer 2020 courses are being conducted in an online or remote education format. Please check for specifics regarding your classes, or contact the course instructor for information about the online or remote education opportunities. Updated - May 28, 2020
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Top Ten Reasons To Study Public Health at PVCC:

#10. Travel Opportunities - you may get to travel around the world to work with the citizens of different countries.

#9. Study World Cultures - in your travels you'll be able to better understand people and the way the world works.

#8. Variety - they say that variety is the spice of life, and when you enter the Public Health field you'll have the chance to really diversify your career.

#7. Job Growth - more than 50% of the U.S.'s fastest growing jobs will be in the general field of Public Health.

#6. Stay Current - in Public Health you'll be on the cutting edge of medicine and you'll be using the latest tools, data, and resources to improve the lives of people in the world.

#5. Broad Application - fields like medicine, nursing, dentistry, emergency medicine, biostatistics, public policy, and social work all have a need for public health skills.

#4. Challenging - Public Health is not for wimps; it is constantly changing, and you'll always need to keep up.

#3. Helping People - Few careers offer the chance to help people, families, communities, and populations like Public Health does.

#2. Excitement - From traveling abroad to working in a lab to becoming a leader in a particular field there are so many neat things to learn and do in Public Health.



Knowing that you've had a positive impact on the health and happiness of others is simply the coolest thing ever.