Integrated Public Health

Public Health Administrator

What is a Public Health Administrator?

Public health administrators focus on community-wide disease prevention and health promotion. As the name of the profession shows, there are two parts to their jobs. Public health administrators try to improve the welfare of the community at large and run the organizations that disseminate information about health.

The majority of public health administrators are employed by governmental health agencies, while others work for not-for-profit organizations and educational institutions. They assess community health issues and educate members about the prevention or alleviation of health problems.

The public health administrator executes community outreach programs to make people aware of dangers such as lead poisoning and to address chronic problems afflicting the community, like sexually transmitted diseases.

Being bilingual can make you more marketable as a job candidate.

The administrator’s job calls for excellent management and communication skills. The administrator creates budgets, hires staff, organizes the office, and obtains any necessary equipment. Writing grant proposals and fundraising take up a lot of the administrator’s time, as does balancing limited budgets and writing reports and communication bulletins.

[Adapted from The Princeton Review:]


What courses at PVCC can help me become a Public Health Administrator?

There are a number of courses at PVCC that can help you prepare for a job or career in Public Health Administration.  Click on the individual course links below to learn more about each course offered here at PVCC:

IPH101 Introduction to Public Health  (NEW!!!  Will be offered for the first time at PVCC this Fall 2018!!)

HES210 Cultural Aspects of Health and Illness   OR   HCR230 Culture and Health

SPA117 Health Care Spanish I

BPC110 Computer Usage and Applications

ASB100 Introduction to Global Health

PSY230 Introduction to Statistics

HTM150 Introduction to Health Care IT and Systems
COM270 Health Communication

IPH115 Introduction to Health Administration and the U.S. Health System  (NEW!!!  Will be offered at PVCC in Spring 2019)

IPH201 Introduction to Epidemiology  (NEW!!!  Will be offered at PVCC in Summer 2019)

HSM222 Health Services Management  (NEW!!!  Will be offered at PVCC in Summer 2019)

If you are interested in becoming a Public Health Administrator, one of the first things you should do is contact one of the Integrated Public Health faculty members here on campus.  They would love to answer any questions you have about Public Health Administration or any of the other Integrated Public Health specialties, such as Public Health Worker, Health Educator, Patient Navigator, or Mobile Integrated Health Care Worker.  They will also help you select courses to take and offer advice on jobs and scheduling as well as getting you hooked up with all the resources PVCC has available on campus to make your learning experiences successful.