Integrated Public Health

Integrated Public Health at PVCC

Integrated Public Health at PVCC

Paradise Valley Community College is pleased to begin offering courses in Integrated Public Health (IPH) starting the Fall semester 2018! 

What IS public health?  The CDC Foundation defines public health as the “science of protecting and improving the health of families and communities through promotion of healthy lifestyles, research for disease and injury prevention, and detection and control of infectious diseases.”  (

Why should we study public health at PVCC?  Over the past 15 years, public health has become a more prominent focus of our nation, as well as in our own state of Arizona.  Some of the reasons for this include the rising costs of health care, the need for people to be able to self-manage their chronic diseases, and the increased need for access to social and community-based services.    

In 2013, the League for Innovation in the Community College partnered with the Association of Schools and Programs of Public Health on the “Public Health Project” to develop prototype Associate and Certificate Programs in Public Health.  PVCC immediately began writing and developing new courses to respond to community needs and to prepare students to be able to work in the public health field.  These courses are now ready and will be offered for the first time during the Fall 2018 semester.

Are there jobs available in the field of public health?  The current job outlook for public health careers is surprisingly bright. In fact, by the year 2020, the U.S. is expected to have quality job openings for around 250,000 new public health professionals. If you have a commitment to working toward the betterment of the world, the public health industry is an open gateway of immense opportunity for you.  (

What kinds of jobs could I get if I study public health?  Since public health is such a broad field, you will be able to find a number of jobs that you will like and that relate to public health, especially if you like to help people, are socially aware, compassionate, a good communicator, and love to help your community become healthier.  Below is a very long list of some of the many job titles for people who work in the public health field.  Sometimes the same job can have several different titles, depending on where the job is located. 

Starting in the Fall 2018 semester, PVCC will be offering college credit courses that will help prepare you for working in several of these job areas, including Integrated Public Health Worker, Patient Navigator, Health Educator, Health Administrator, and Integrated Mobile Health Worker. Many of these courses will help prepare you to work in a number of public health job areas.  Click on the highlighted job title links below to read more about each job and the PVCC public health courses that you can take to prepare you for that job.

There Are Many Public Health Job Titles!

Addiction treatment Specialist



Behavioral Health Specialist

Border Health Specialist

Case Worker

Case Worker

Clinical Liaison

Community Health Advisor

Community Health Advocate

Community Health Aide

Community Health Educator

Community Health Representative

Community Health Specialist

Community Health Worker

Developmental Disability Rep

Diabetes Educator/Counselor

Eligibility Worker

Family Support Worker

 Health Administrator

Health Care Coordinator

Health Aide

 Health Educator

Health Liaison

Health Navigator

Health Specialist

Health Systems Navigator

HIV/AIDS Educator

HIV/STD Prevention Counselor

Housing Aide

 Integrated Public Health Worker

 Integrated Mobile Health Worker

Maternal/Child Health Specialist

Mental Health Aide


Migrant Health Specialist

Mobile Integrated Health Worker


Nutrition Educator

 Patient Navigator

Peer Counselor

Peer Educator


Public Health Advisor

Public Health Aide

Social Worker Assistant

Substance Abuse Specialist

Women’s Health Specialist

If you are interested in studying Public Health at PVCC, one of the first things you should do is contact one of the Integrated Public Health faculty members here on campus.  They would love to answer any questions you have about Public Health in general or about any of the Integrated Public Health specialties we study here at PVCC such as Public Health Worker, Health Educator, Patient Navigator, Public Health Administrator, or Mobile Integrated Health Care Worker.  They will also help you select courses to take and offer advice on jobs and scheduling as well as getting you hooked up with all the resources PVCC has available on campus to make your learning experiences successful.