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Recommended Curriculum


Recommended two–year curriculum for the Associate’s Degree in Art

Associates Degree in Fine Arts.

Total Credits required:  


General education credits:


Art credits:

28 (foundations: 16; electives: 12)

This program is designed for student transfer to a four-year college/university or
art school in application towards the Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) degree.
For information on articulation at the Arizona public universities see:

Recommended 2-year curriculum

First Year Program

1st-year composition (ENG 101), 3 credits
Survey of computer info systems (CIS 105), 3 credits
Drawing I (ART 111), 3 credits
2-dimensional Design, (ART 112) 3 credits
Art history survey I (ARH 101), 3 credits
College Success (AAA 115), 1 credit

1st-year composition (ENG 102), 3 credits
Public Speaking (COM 225), 3 credits
Drawing II (ART 122), 3 credits 
3-dimensional Design (ART 115), 3 credits
Art history survey II (ARH 102), 3 credits

Fundamental Chemistry I and lab (CHM 130, 130LL), 4 credits
Math (MAT 142), 3 credits


Second Year Program

American Jazz and Pop Music (MHL 145), 3 credits
Anatomy and Physiology (BIO 160), 4 credits
Life drawing (ART 116), 3 credits
Color (ART 113), 3 credits
Ceramics I (ART 161), 3 credits

Intro to Psychology (PSY 101), 3 credits 
Anthropology (ASB 102), 3 credits
The Portfolio (ART 255ab), 1 credit
Watercolor I (ART 165) or Painting I (Art 167), 3 credits




First year credit hours:



Second year credit hours:



Total credit hours: