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Professional Practices Program

Art 255ab   
The Portfolio, 1 credit.
Prerequisites: None.

The professional practices program presents a series of courses that speak to the professional development of the artist. In The Portfolio, students learn how to compose an original or digital portfolio for transfer to university, gallery presentation, or website generation. Additional courses address related topics: marketing and promoting of artwork (Art Marketing); becoming acquainted with local galleries and museums (Art Beyond the Classroom); learning about the artist–gallerist relationship and the business of exhibiting and trading art (Gallery Operations). The latter also explores careers in arts administration.
Instructors: David L. Bradley, William Barnhart, Adria Pecora.

Additional professional practices courses:
Art 105    Art Beyond the Classroom, 1 credit. Prerequisites: None.
Art 106    Gallery Operations. 2 credits. Prerequisites: None.
Art 255    Art Marketing. 3 credits. Prerequisites: None.