Journalism Student
Journalism Student

Journalism today includes much more than the printed page. Today's journalists are editors, photographers, writers, reporters, videographers, and even bloggers. At its heart, journalism is about providing current, unbiased, objective information to the citizens of the world, enabling them to make good decisions about their government, health, entertainment, and much more. If you have a talent for communication and a passion for the truth, a career in journalism is an ideal choice for your future.

Puma Press

When it comes to learning, students can enrich their classroom education with hands-on experience. Students who pursue their journalism certificates can apply the knowledge they gain as staff members of PVCC's student newspaper. Appearing both online and in print, the Puma Press provides students a chance to learn multiple aspects of the newspaper business, including Web and hard copy production, photography, videography, and writing. Stories cover topics ranging from campus to community events. In addition to an online component, students have begun to develop a broadcast segment to the news business at PVCC, including interviewing subjects on camera, editing and posting videos. What's more, the Puma Press is a live learning environment that endows students with valuable lessons in ethics, fair and accurate reporting, and the chance to create something important as part of a cohesive team.

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Your future in journalism

Since the early part of the 20th century, journalism as an industry evolved with changing technology. First with the advent of radio, television, and finally the Internet, journalism has become as much about the efficiency of delivering up-to-date information as it is about the art of writing and communication. The next generation of journalists will need a variety of skills including:

  • Investigating, researching and writing news
  • Editing
  • Online journalism and blogging
  • Photography
  • Web publication design
  • Podcasts
  • Videography

In addition to preparing students for traditional positions within the news industry, a journalism major also prepares students for careers in strategic media and public relations. Public relations careers involve collaborating with reporters, writing news releases and Web stories, and promoting the interests of businesses, colleges, or non-profit organizations. In addition, journalism training enhances communication skills desired in diverse corporate jobs.