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Hybrid blends face-to-face (in person) instruction in a classroom with online learning.  It is convenient for you and your schedule because you spend half the time in a regularly scheduled class with your instructor and other students and the other half online.  You will begin the course by attending the class on campus; see Class Schedule for start dates.

Class Schedule

Your instructor will provide you with a syllabus and other material and instructions to complete your assignments outside of class.  From that point, you will alternate in-class meetings with online work. 
These classes require reliable web and e-mail access (to your Maricopa email) for communication and assignments outside of the classroom.
Prior to beginning a Hybrid class, you will need to:

  1. Know how to use Canvas, Instructions are made available in two ways:
  2. Set up your Maricopa email account at:

When you register for a class at any of the Maricopa Community Colleges, you are given a Maricopa email account (through Google).  All college communication will be directed to you though this account.  Your email address will be <yourMEID>

Your MEID is a 10 digit alpha/numeric code that begins with the first three letters of your first name. This will be your permanent code for any semester or courses you take with any of the Maricopa Community Colleges.

Students who are likely to succeed in Hybrid classes are

  • Good time managers
  • Self-motivated and disciplined
  • Technology-literate
  • Strong readers
  • Enjoy a blend of self-paced work with in-class structure