Communication, Humanities and Languages


Communication Skills Are Key to Personal and Professional Success

Are you are a good candidate for a communication class? Take this brief survey to find out.

True or False

1. __________I wouldn’t give a speech even if my supervisor requested that I do so
(Public Speaking:  COM 225).

2. __________Many people misinterpret the meaning of my messages and become defensive
(Interpersonal Communication:  COM 110).

3. __________I am a loner who loathes working in groups
(Small Group Communication:  COM 230).

4. __________People have told me that I need to work on all of my communication skills (public, small group, and interpersonal)
(Introduction to Human Communication:  COM 100).

5. __________I am uncomfortable with people who are different from me and have difficulty communicating with them
(Elements of Intercultural Communication: COM 263).

6. __________ I am a communication major who plans to transfer to an AZ state university to complete a bachelor's degree in Communication (Introduction to Communication Inquiry: COM207)

7. __________ I want to improve my understanding of cultural diversity dynamics and to improve my abilities to communicate inclusively
(Interpersonal Communication in the Workplace: COM101)

We know that people are most often fired or not promoted not because of a lack of technical expertise but because of an inability to communicate effectively with others.  We also know that many people fail in personal relationships for the same exact reason:  poor communication skills.  Communication is an art and a skill that can be learned.  If you answered “true” to any of the questions above, then consider taking the course listed in parentheses after the question. 

See Dr. David C. Rubí (Communication, Humanities & Languages Division Chair) for more information.  Communicate effectively:  Your personal and professional success depend on it!