Mission, Vision, and Values

Our Mission

The Mission of Paradise Valley Community College is to educate the whole person and to serve our students and our communities by providing learning opportunities that are designed to help them achieve their goals.

PVCC provides diverse learning opportunities including:

  • University transfer education
  • General education
  • Developmental education
  • Continuing Education
  • Community Education
  • Workforce development
  • Student development
  • Honors education
  • Global engagement
  • Civic responsibility

PVCC provides access to these opportunities in a welcoming, inclusive, and supportive environment.  As a college committed to learning and continuous quality improvement, PVCC annually assesses and publishes reports concerning the effectiveness of our programs and services.

Our Vision

Paradise Valley Community College (PVCC) aspires to be the higher learning organization of choice by creating engaging lifelong educational relationships that inspire and support all learners to increase their capacity for personal growth and positive social change.

Our Core Value

Learning is the core value of Paradise Valley Community College. PVCC encourages and supports learning at three levels — student, employee and organizational — and the integrative relationship between the three levels. Learning at Paradise Valley Community College means increasing the capacity of our students, our employees and the college itself, to achieve their goals. PVCC acknowledges organizational learning as a means to continuously improve our college.

Our Supporting Values

We uphold ethical behavior in all that we do; we value accountability, transparency, fairness and honesty.

We honor all individuals and their different viewpoints to promote an inclusive campus environment.

We value and support innovation.  We encourage informed risk-taking that holds the promise of enhancing student, employee and organizational learning.  We view a good faith unsuccessful attempt not as failure, but rather as a rich opportunity to learn.

We are committed to building and sustaining internal and external relationships that enhance learning.

We expect greatness in all that we do to advance student, employee and organizational success.

We practice organizational, social, economic and environmental responsibility.