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Dr. David C. Rubi

DAVID C. RUBI, Ph.D., is a native of Phoenix, Arizona.  He is a descendent of Indio-Hispanic settlers who at different times came to what is now the southwestern United States from today’s México starting during the Spanish Empire and from México up to modern times.  His ancestors settled among the Native American peoples who were already present in the Americas, and were present in what is today's U.S. Southwest before the United States existed.  He speaks both Spanish and English and identifies himself as Chicano, Mexican, Mexican American, Hispanic, Latino, American, and as an Estadounidense, a United-Stateser.

He is a professor (residential faculty member) of Spanish and teaches the Spanish language, Spanish Humanities and Introduction to Cinema.  for Communication, Humanities and Languages division at Paradise Valley Community College, where he has taught since 1996.  Dr. Rubí also serves as Chair of that division.  His prior experience includes serving as a one-year interim director and faculty for Mesa Community College’s Bilingual Teachers Aide Certification program, and later as as an executive for the State Board of Directors for Community Colleges of Arizona including roles as Director of Minority Affairs and of Assistant Executive Director for Research.

Dr. Rubí started teaching in January 1989 as adjunct faculty at Río Salado Community College and later at Mesa Community College and Phoenix College.  He also served as adjunct faculty at Arizona State University, West Campus on a number of occasions, having taught ETH100 Introduction to Ethnic Studies as well as a number of Spanish classes at ASU West.

As part of his volunteer public service, he has actively participated as a member of the Arizona Hispanic Community Forum, a grassroots civil rights organization founded in Phoenix in 1987.  He served as President for the Forum from 2003-2005.  Later, he served for nine years as a member board of directors for the Arizona Humanities Council, which is Arizona’s affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities.

He is also an active member of the Faculty Association of the Maricopa Community Colleges and has served four terms as a member of the Paradise Valley Community College Faculty Senate representing his division.  He also served as the college senate’s president-elect during 2013-2015 and then as faculty senate president during 2014-2015.

He holds a Bachelor of Arts from Arizona State University, a Master of Arts from Stanford University and a PhD from Arizona State University.  His three academic degrees focus on the study of the Spanish language with an emphasis on Hispanic literatures, cultures and civilization, particularly as they pertain to the United States.  His interests include teaching, scholarly research, writing, issues in international and multicultural educational, and civil and human rights.