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THM Council

THM Program Advisory Council

Early in the Fall semester of 1997 the call was put out that PVCC was looking for qualified and motivated members of the local community to serve as members of the PVCC Complementary Health Care Advisory Council. According to the MCCD Advisory Council Member's Guide, Advisory Council members are volunteers who have a working knowledge of one or more of the occupational programs offered at the Maricopa Community Colleges. The most important service Advisory Council members can provide is to help faculty...identify job specific skills and knowledge so that instruction is consistent with the state-of-the-art as practiced by productive employees in local business/industry.

Our challenge was to develop an advisory council composed of individuals with interest, knowledge, skills, expertise, contacts, and resources related to the area of complementary health care. Fortunately, Phoenix College had established a council during the development of their Massage Therapy Program. The initial core of our council was already in place. The response to our search was encouraging; and the professional, diverse, and motivated council members that worked with us throughout the '97-'98 school year are to be commended for their contributions. We look forward to their continued participation. It is through their input and support that we offered our first Occupational Certificate Program in Complementary Health Care - Teaching Healing Meditation for Stress Management and graduated of first three students. If you have an interest in the CHC area and would like to assist our Program please contact the coordinator.