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Program Coordinator

Al’abiddin S. Umar Sharif, M.A. joined the PVC faculty in the 1990-1991 school year as the resident Sociologist in the Social and Behavioral Sciences Department which at the time was paired with the Health Education and Fitness Department forming the Human Development Division of Paradise Valley Community College. Sharif received his undergraduate B.S. Degree in Social Sciences from Polytechnic Institute in Brooklyn, New York in a combined experimental psychology, sociology, and cultural anthropology program. He received his M.A. Degree from Arizona State University with emphasis in Medical Sociology, Social Organization, and Social Problems.


Sharif is Seifu (Head Teacher) of the 7Circles Southern-Northern Shaolin Wu Shu, Wu Kung & Qigong Pai a traditional martial and healing arts program. A 30-year veteran of the Traditional Afro-Asian Martial and Healing Arts, Sharif began his formal training as a member of the Chinese Kung Fu Wu Su Association and student of Grand Master Alan Lee in New York City.

Sharif is an alumnus of the Asian Studies Development Program with the East-West Center and University of Hawaii. He is educated in both Asian and Southeast Asian Studies and has traveled the southeast coast of China from Beijing to Hong Kong, to various parts of Southeast Asia including Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, the Indonesian countries of Java and Bali, and to the West African Nation of Nigeria. Sharif provided leadership for the development of the THM Program and has served as Coordinator since its inception.