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Positive Social Change

A portion of Paradise Valley Community College’s Vision Statement is devoted to increasing students’ capacity for personal growth and positive social change. Simply put, positive social change is a hope that our students will leave PVCC with a greater sense of concern for the rights and welfare of others and the desire to make a better neighborhood, community, and a better world. It is imperative that students leave PVCC knowing that they can make a difference.

PVCC students are capable of helping solve complex problems such as global warming, international border conflicts, and persistent illiteracy of the poor and disadvantaged. Students learn best in compelling situations where context is created through an active search for meaning.

Positive social change is not just a student activity though, as PVCC faculty championed over 100,000 hours of curriculum based service learning. International Education presents programming on diversity and inclusion.

There are many student, faculty, and staff programs and events at PVCC that are directed toward positive social change. Use this site to connect to community events and outreach efforts at the college. Through the lens of positive social change, all conditions are significantly enhanced.

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