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Professional Scientist Preparation Program


What is PSP2?

The Professional Scientist Preparation Program (PSP2) is designed to prepare students in the Maricopa Community Colleges for application to professional school in the health and science occupations including but not limited to: medical doctor (MD/DO), pharmacist, physician's assistant, dentist, physical therapist, research scientist, etc.

Who can participate?

Any community college student who:
  • Is interested in a career in the sciences
  • Has a minimum college GPA of 3.2
  • Has completed at least 8 credit hours in college level lab science

Why should I apply?

Participants who participate in all PSP2 activities and successfully complete the program:
  • May increase their chances of being admitted to professional school
  • Receive individualized educational and career mentoring from outstanding PVCC faculty
  • Have an increased awareness of resources and information related to their goals and career choice

Where do I apply?

Click here to download the PSPP application form.


When is the application due?

The application deadline for the Spring 2016-Fall 2016 cycle is Friday, February 19, 2016.


How does the program work?

Once selected, students complete a series of activities designed to prepare them for successful admission to professional schools, including:
  • Career testing and counseling
  • Critical-thinking assessment
  • Personal statement writing workshop
  • Interview skills workshops
  • Mock interviews for professional school
  • Identification of scholarship resources

When do activities take place?

Students selected for the program attend an orientation in the Spring and participate in a number of workshops/activities during the late spring and early fall semesters.  For a schedule of events, see below.


Where are activities held?

All sessions are held at PVCC main campus.


How much does it cost?

Attendance is free to Maricopa Community College students. Reasonable costs are assessed for career testing.


How can I learn more about PSP2?

For further information contact Dr. Scott Massey, Science Division Chair at (602) 787-6644 or



Spring 2016 Schedule of Events:

Listed below is the schedule of events for the Spring 2016 semester:

  • Friday, March 4, 2016, 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM, Orientation and Critical Thinking Workshop Part I (located in room LS-206)
  • Friday, March 25, 2016, 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM, Critical Thinking Workshop Part II (located in room TBD)
  • Friday, April 15, 2016, Critical Thinking Essay Due Date (no meeting)
  • Friday, April 22, 2016, Occupational Profile Due Date
  • Friday, April 22, 2016, 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM, Personal Statement Workshop (located in room TBD)

Fall 2016 Schedule of Events:

Listed below is the schedule of events for the Fall 2016 semester:
  • Friday, September 9, 2016, 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM, Interviewing for Professional School/Midwestern Representative (located in room TBD)
  • Friday, September 16, 2016, Time TBD, Mock Interviews (located in room LS-Conference Room)
  • Friday, September 23, 2016, 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM, Mock Interviews-Critique (located in room LS-206)
  • Friday, September 30, 2016, 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM, Personal Statement Workshop (Repeat session for those who could not attend the workshop on April 22, 2016) (located in room TBD)



PSPCommittee Members:


Dr. Scott Massey

Science Division, Chemistry Faculty & Science Division Chair


Dr. Casey Durandet

Science Division, Physics Faculty

Dr. Harry Birkmann

Science Division, Geology Faculty

Prof. Paul Cornell

Mathematics Division, Mathematics Faculty

Prof. Renee Cornell

English Division, English Faculty

Dr. Marianne Roccaforte

Counseling Division, Counseling Faculty


Prof. Jennifer Weitz

Science Division, Astronomy Faculty


2016 PSP2 Students:

 Cameron Allen, Pre-PA

Marian Assad, Pre-Pharm

Geremy Cites, Microbiology/Biology Research

Kesha Dennis-Mohler, Pre-Med

Shima Golshan, Pre-Med/OBGYN

Edgar Hermosillo, Health Sciences

Shannon Hogan, Molecular Biology Research

Chelsea Rendleman, Pre-Pharm

Courtney Scott, Pre-Pharm

Nadia Zia, Pre-Dental


2015 PSP2 Students:

Devin Cameron
Caleb Case  "PSP2 and its staff provides priceless preparation and support, giving its members the tools and ability to showcase their academic and social strengths when it counts."
Julia Cornella
Matthew Jones
Connor Maloney
Destynee Olson
Jordan Stephens


What Some Former PSP2 Students are Doing:


Asal Abdulahad - Midwestern University - Pharmacist, Walgreens

Athena Parmenter - Midwestern University - Pharmacist, Women's International Pharmacy

Cayman Martin - Chief Scribe at Scribe America

Chad Wahlgren - University of Colorado Health Sciences - Pharmacist, Walgreens

Chris Simopoulos - Southern CA School of Optometry - Optometrist

Daniel Linville - Regis University, Pharm D - Graduate Intern at CVS

Devin Cameron - University of Arizona - Pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Astrophysics

Eara Betts Gonclaves - Catholic University of America - Pursuing Master's degree in Library Science

Emily Hanka - Pre-Med at University of Arizona

Inna Arzumanova - Midwestern University

Jacquelyn Howe - Midwestern University - Independent Contractor, Pharmacist, Clinical Pharmacist

Jena Cross - Midwestern University

Jill Berger - University of Arizona - Emergency Physician Scribe

Joseph Kelly - ASU, BS Genetics, Cell/Dev Bio - Day Trader/Uber Driver

Marjan Behbahani - Pharmacist, CVS

Mark Gravill - Electrician, Wilson Electric Services Corp.

Matt Gamber - Midwestern University - Pharmacist, CVS

Mehal Shah - Sullivan University - Pharmacist, Fry's

Michelle Sachau - University of Phoenix - District Manager, Hi-Health Corp.

Robert Boehland - Palmer College of Chiropractic - Dr. of Chiropractic at his own practice, Cornerstone Family Chiropractic in Prescott

Sarah Hoffman - Ohio University - Registered Nurse, Abrazo Health

Sarah Kalkbrenner - A.T. Still University of Health Sciences - Physician Assistant, Banner Pediatric Specialists

Soureth Rayis - CA North State U of Pharmacy 

Stephanie Harris - University of Phoenix - Advisor, Network Account Management at CVS

Yulia Streltsova - ASU-Chemical Engineering - Undergrad Researcher




Contact Us

Science Division
G Building
(602) 787-6631

Life Sciences
Life Sciences Building
(602) 787-6940

Science Division Chair & Physical Science Department Chair
Dr. Scott Massey
G 114 (602) 787-6644

Life Science Department Chair
Jeffrey Lace
LS 215 (602) 787-7913


Full Time Faculty

Debra Adair, Biology
LS 212 (602) 787-7822

Satinder Bains, Chemistry
J133 (602) 787-6586

Harry Birkmann, Geology
G 101 (602) 787-6820

Jaimee Corbet, Biology
LS 211 (602) 787-6784

Jim Doyle, Biology
LS 213 (602) 787-6591

Casey Durandet, Physics
G 109 (602) 787-6651

Jon Hayashi, Biology
LS 218 (602) 787-6827

Jeffrey Hoyt, Biology
LS 210 (602) 787-7419

Jeffrey Lace, Biology, LS Department Chair
LS 215 (602) 787-7913

Lynn Lalko, Chemistry
G 106 (602) 787-6640

Anthony Lamanna, Biology
LS 219 (602) 787-6643

Scott Massey, Chemistry, Science Division Chair
G 114 (602) 787-6644

Julie Olander, Chemistry
G 113  (602) 787-7306

Lynda Santiago, Biology
G 112 (602) 787-6648

Jennifer Weitz, Astronomy
G 108 (602) 787-6818



Nicolle Brodie, Division Secretary
G 128 (602) 787-6631

Curtis Chambers, Laboratory Technician
H 118 (602) 787-7889

Roger Roberts, Laboratory Technician
LS 113 (602) 787-6637

David Hellman, Laboratory Technician
G 150 (602) 787-6685

John Jones, Laboratory Coordinator
LS 112 (602) 787-6638

Marina Shal, Laboratory Technician
LS 113 (602) 787-7428

Cindy Nicoloff, Life Sciences Secretary
LS 207 (602) 787-6940


Adjunct Faculty

Kelly Alderman, Biology

Jaminelli Banks, Biology

Darra Browning, Biology

Greg Cohen, Chemistry

Chuck Crawford, Astronomy

Annie Deutsch, Biology

Brian England, Engineering

Rashad Erakat, Biology

Robert Ewing, Astronomy

Stephan George, Biology

MaryK Geyer, Biology

Jayme Gillen, Biology

Manal Hammoud, Biology

Charles King, Chemistry

Subha Krishnan, Chemistry

Richard Marx, Biology

Sherri Moore, Biology

Tiffany Naughton, Biology

Charles Pace, Chemistry

Pat Pomphrey, Physics

Hannah Phipps - Yonas, Biology

Sadie Puerner, Chemistry

Alan Putzke, Biology

Carson Robertson, Biology

Don Robinson, Geology

Anne Shaw, Biology

William Sherry, Astronomy

Jeff Simpson, Geology

Linda Stearns, Chemistry

Sara Stollar-Yates, Biology

Mike Swingler, Physics

Amy Terlisner, Biology

Tatjana Thomas, Biology

James Valente, Biology

Syd Wilson, Engineering

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