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Run for Office

Run for Office  

The Phi Theta Kappa Alpha Omicron Chi Chapter needs strong leaders.
Please nominate yourself for one of the available positions. Click on the links below to learn more


  • Prepare meeting agendas and lead meetings
  • Appoint and establish necessary committees
  • Vote only in the case of a tie
  • Develop goals for the chapter
  • Submit Five Star Goal and Update Forms online
  • Oversee chapter projects
  • Oversee award entry preparation
  • Report successive officers to Headquaters

Vice President of Scholarship

  • Oversee all Honors Study Topic activities
  • Coordinate the chapter's participation in the Honors Seminars
  • Encourage and recognize academic excellence
  • Coordinate the preparation of the Scholarship Hallmark Award entry

Vice President of Leadership

  • Oversee all leadership activities
  • Encourage the development of leadership skills
  • Coordinate the preparation of the Leadership Hallmark Award entry

Vice President of Service

  • Report the chapter to Headquarters as a Chapter of Service
  • Oversee all International Service Program activities
  • Develop activities that promote volunteerism and community service
  • Coordinate the preparation of the Service Hallmark Award entry

Vice President of Fellowship

  • Encourage scholarly fellowship at all levels of the Society
  • Implement strategies to increase membership acceptance
  • Enroll the chapter in the Pinnacle Scholarship Award Program

Vice President of Communications

  • Promote the chapter at all levels of the Society
  • Write and submit articles to campus and community newspapers
  • Oversee the development and updates to the chapter website
  • Take photographs at all chapter events

Secretary/Recording Officer

  • Take and present minutes at each chapter meeting
  • Maintain the chapter calendar of events
  • Maintain a record of chapter events, including photos, flyers and newspaper articles, for the Chapter Record Book
  • Compile and update contact information for members


  • Keep a set of financial records to be audited and notarized at the end of the officer term
  • Present the chapter's financial records at business meetings
  • File all financial records in the chapter's official files at the end of each academic term (Note: Our college requires that a chapter advisor approve expenditures. Officers should consult the advisor to determine the college's policies on finances for campus organizations.

If you are committed to the success of our organization and are able to fulfill the duties of one of our offices please complete the following form:

Current Chapter Vice President/Executive Board or Officer Positions

Other Chapter Officer Positions

PTK Meetings
Every other Thursday 4:30 to 5:30pm
Beginning January 28, 2016
Agave Room in the KSC Building

The college of you.