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International Professional Development

International Professional Development

PVCC’s Center for International Studies provides limited support for professional development of employees to international education focused programs.  Support is available by application and is for the express purpose of encouraging employees to attend institutional programs that provide the participant with insightful academic experiences that directly relate to the college's teaching and learning initiatives and the participant's courses/position as they pertain to international studies.

Supported programs shall demonstrate academic quality and result in tangible international resources, models, teaching methods, coursework/curriculum development and/or collegial networks for the institution, community, and participant.  Attendance in the institutional program will also provide the participant with a level of global expertise enabling them to act as a resource guide for students, faculty, professional colleagues, and the community.  Applicants should plan on utilizing professional growth travel funds available through their policy group first before applying for international education funds.

Funding Options

Download a copy of the Instructors Professional Development Application in a MS Word document.

Download a copy of the Staff Members Professional Development Application in a MS Word document.

If you are unable to download this document, please call 602-787-7296 to request one be sent to you.

  1. Complete International Travel Authorization Form and appropriate Center for International Studies Professional Development Application.
  2. If the program does not take place, immediately notify the Director of International Education.
  3. Immediately upon your return, you must contact the Fiscal office for submission of receipts and travel documents.