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The mission of the Paradise Valley Community College Honors Program is to provide promising scholars with challenging, innovative, and enriching learning opportunities within a close community comprised of faculty mentors and Honors students. In this atmosphere, our students learn to think critically, communicate effectively, and act with integrity. PVCC’s Honors scholars are encouraged to take full responsibility for their journey of life-long learning and to excel in scholarship, leadership, and civic responsibility.

"There is no road too long to the man who advances deliberately and without undue haste; there are no honors too distant to the man who prepares himself for them with patience."
Jean de la Bruyere

PVCC Honors Program at a Glance

• Free printing, laptop and iPod checkouts, a study/community center, and symphony tickets
• Honors-only classes in many academic disciplines
• Active, small group learning supported by related extracurricular activities
• Leadership positions and community involvement events through the Student Honors Advisory Council (SHAC)
• Customize your own Honors curriculum and participate in research through honors projects
• Small class sizes
• Travel opportunities including but not limited to the Honors Retreat, Honors Explorer Classes, and national and regional honors conferences
• All-USA, Chancellors' and Foundation Scholarships
• Honors Forum Speaker series, which features nationally known experts
• Fine arts and cultural experiences

Upcoming Events 2014-2015

Honors Barret College

Dr. Ramsey Eric Ramsey

Ramsey Eric Ramsey

Ramsey Eric Ramsey holds a Ph.D. from the Joint Program in Philosophy and Communication, Purdue University. He is the associate dean of Barrett, The Honors College. Dr. Ramsey is the recipient of the ASU at the West campus award for Excellence in Teaching, a Wakonse Teaching Fellow, and multiple-time nominee for the ASU Parents Association Professor of the Year Award. In 2013 he was awarded the Outstanding Achievement Award from the ASU Council on the Status of Women. He teaches advanced honors seminars in philosophy as well as sections of the Barrett required first-year seminar The Human Event.

Dr. Ramsey’s work is undertaken from a continental philosophical perspective dealing with questions concerning the ethical practice of communication, aesthetics, and politics contributing thought to both theoretical debates and praxis-oriented discussions. He is the author of two books Leaving Us to Wonder: An Essay on the Questions Science Can’t Ask (co-authored with the biologist Linda Wiener) a meditation of the tyranny that follows reducing our lives to what can be objectified and The Long Path to Nearness, a philosophical contribution to communication theory and ethics.  He is also the editor of and contributor to Experiences Between Philosophy and Communication.  In addition to book-length studies, he has published essays and book chapters indebted to interdisciplinary study in major journals and edited collections in both philosophy and communication studies. 

Dr. Ramsey is the originator and a co-editor of the Philosophy/Communication Book Series, which publishes original manuscripts by authors working at the intersections of philosophy and communication studies.

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