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Grades 8 – 12

It is never too early to begin thinking about and planning for your teen’s future.
Paradise Valley Community College (PVCC) has joined forces with local school districts and community organizations to promote student success through EXPLORE, Get a GRIP on Your Future, a program that offers you and your teen the opportunity to strategically plan for the future. Get a GRIP – Goals, Relationships, Information, and Participation – is the foundation for activities and events that help you and your teen make informed decisions leading to academic success.


Participants first take the EXPLORE, a student curriculum and career interest assessment that:

  • Identifies academic strengths and weaknesses in English, math, reading and science.
  • Helps search for careers and learn which ones might be right.
  • Helps students choose high school courses that will prepare them for college and career.
  • Results are used to design parent and student seminars, summer programs, and dual enrollment courses throughout students’ high school education and beyond that are aligned with identified needs and interests


During the academic year, eight parent/student seminars and additional special events are held that make students aware of academic planning tools to help them achieve their career goals. In addition, a two-week summer session offers the opportunity to earn college credit through concurrent enrollment in the college success course, AAA115, and other career related courses.Teens may also participate in active and engaged career exploration during specialized summer camps.

Participation in these activities enables young people to develop portfolios they will use to validate their knowledge and experience as they embark on the college and scholarship application processes.

EXPLORE, Get a GRIP On Your Future provides support for all students in developing individual potential and aptitude to succeed in their academic endeavors. Students can continue to Get a GRIP at PVCC, where the same components are offered to help them achieve college success.
We hope that you will take advantage of the sessions offered. Information regarding registration for the summer sessions and additional events throughout the year is available below.

Fall - Spring