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Connecting With Instructors

Get a grip

Developing relationships is all about connections and developing a feeling of belonging.  Relationships facilitate engaged learning and ultimately student success.


Connecting with instructors:

Meet with instructor prior to registering for the class to gather information that will help determine alignment with your learning style and facilitate academic success (e.g. course expectations, methods of instruction, relevance to program of study, and sequencing of courses).

•   Regularly visit with your instructor during office hours not only when having difficulties but also when doing well.

•   Be objective.

•   Convey willingness to listen.

•   Demonstrate respect.

•   Maintain student-instructor boundaries

•   Follow the chain of command with issues involving but not limited to complaints, unfair treatment, and/or grades. (Faculty, Division Chair, Dean)

Connecting with your peers …

•   Smile, say “Hi, Hello”

•   If someone looks like they have a question or is lost, ask them if you can help

•   Develop study groups

•   Participate in out of class activities such as student clubs, athletics, student government, orientation leaders