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Fine & Performing Arts Mission Statement:

The Division of Fine & Performing Arts at Paradise Valley Community College provides courses and special events as well as an "artists' community" for students at all levels who are planning avocations and/or vocations in the artistic fields of Creative Writing, Dance, Music, Theatre and Visual Arts. 

The Division of Fine & Performing Arts values the creative process and the creative product as well the student's individual creative "voice." The Division is devoted to the idea of interdependence of work in the arts with the broader worlds of ideas and action which will, ultimately, lead to a vibrant and responsible culture. 


• to develop a personal sense of aesthetics, including a conscious awareness of discipline specific basics, aesthetic fundamentals, aesthetic application and aesthetic principles 

• to develop and enhance a conscious awareness and respect for others' ways of thinking, 
working and expressing themselves 

• to develop and enhance various artistic methods of problem solving, including diverse approaches 
to expressive, analytical and developmental tools to every human situation 

• to develop and enhance an awareness of how the arts reflect and reveal cultures

• to develop and enhance our students' ability to understand the human experience, both past and present

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Contact Us

Location: Building M-East

Phone: 602-787-6595

Mon-Thurs 8:00am-6:30pm
Friday 8:00am - 4:00pm


Part-time Faculty:

Gary Bennet

Bridget Bruch
Art History

Nathan Feller
Design and Drawing

Kaori Fugitani

Robert Gordon
Art History

Anne Howey–Falvey
Color and Painting

Wendy Hill

Tomi Johnston
Art History

Saskia Jorda

Ann Morton

Mark Ordway
Art History

Joe Podlesnik

Jerry Sieve

George “Kip” Sudduth

Joe Trevino

Don Vance
Digital Art

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