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Catalog 2012 - 2013


Catalog 2012 - 2013 PDF format:
Catalog Cover
Inside Front Cover

PVCC Administration, MCCCD Governing Board, PVCC Accreditation statement

President letter
Academic Calendar
Table of Contents
Vision/Mission, Values, Nondiscrimination Policey, Affirmative Action Statements - En Español

PV & MCCCD Vision, Mission, and Values
Nondiscrimination Policy & Equal Opportunity Statement (English)
Affirmative Action and Policy for Veterans Statements (English)
Nondiscrimination Policy & Equal Opportunity Statement (Spanish)
Affirmative Action and Policy for Veterans Statements (Spanish)

Student Success

How to Use This Catalog
A Shared Agenda for Student Success
Time and Academic Demands Schedule for Students

Programs, Graduation, AGEC, District Degrees, etc.

Educational Programs
General Graduation Requirements
AGEC: Arizona General Education Curriculum
District Degrees
Transfer Process

Occupational Program Matrix (MCCCD)
PVCC Certificates and Degree Programs; AC, AAS, CCL

List of Programs Available
Academic Certificates
AAS Programs and Certificates

Course Descriptions
Educational Opportunities

Honors Program
Center for International Studies
Midwestern Univ, NAU/Actuarial Science
ASU Alliance, Grand Canyon Univ 3+1

District Policies

General Regulation (AR 2.1)
Admission Policy (AR 2.2.1)
Admission Information (AR 2.2.2)
Other Admission Information (AR 2.2.3)
Credit for Prior Learning (AR 2.2.4)
CLEP & AP Chart
Academic Advising (AR 2.2.6)
Student Course Placement Process (AR 2.2.7)
Registration (AR 2.2.8)
Tuition & Fees (AR 2.2.9)
College Specific Fee Chart
Refund Policy (AR 2.2.10)
Student Financial Assistance (AR 2.2.11)
Veterans Services (AR 2.9)

Academic Load (AR 2.3.1)
Attendance (AR 2.3.2)
Grading (AR 2.3.3)
Instructional Grievance Process (AR 2.3.5)
Withdrawal (AR 2.3.6)
Academic Renewal (AR 2.3.7)
Honors Program (AR 2.3.8)

College Environment

Sexual Harassment Policy (AR 2.4.4 &
Emissions Control Compliance (AR 2.4.6)
Petition Signature Solicitation (AR 2.4.8)
Solicitation (AR 2.4.9)
Children on Campus (AR 2.4.10)
Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act (AR.2.4.11)
Workplace Violence Prevention (AR 2.4.12)
Student Right to Know (AR 2.4.13)

Student Rights and Responsibilities

Copyright Act Compliance (AR 2.4.5)
Copyright Regulation (AR 3.2)
Taping of Faculty Lectures (AR 3.4)
Technology Resource Standards (AR 4.4)
Hazing Prevention Regulation (AR 2.6)
Abuse-Free Environment (AR 2.4.7)
Disability Resources & Services
Academic Misconduct (AR 2.3.11)
Disciplinary Standards (AR 2.5.1)
Student Conduct Code (AR 2.5.2)
Student Records (AR 2.5.3)
Consensual Relationships (AR 4.18)

Student Services
Directory of Faculty