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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Where is the Athletics Department located on campus?

View our campus map and directory.  Our Athletic Director, Greg Silcox, and our Coordinator of Student-Athlete Services, Christina Hundley have offices in the L Building.  The Athletic Training Room (F134) and Weight Room (F135) are located in the F building.

Q:  Who is the Athletic Director at Paradise Valley Community College?

Greg Silcox is the Athletic Director at PVCC.  Please feel free to read his biography.  His office is located in the L Building.  You may contact him at (602)787-6622 or by e-mail at

Q:  What sports does PVCC have?

PVCC offers the following 12 sports: Men's and Women's Cross Country, Men's and Women's Soccer, Men's and Women's Tennis, Men's and Women's Golf, Men's and Women's Track and Field (Indoor and Outdoor), Softball and Baseball.

Q:  Who do I contact at PVCC if I'm interested in trying out for a sport?

For general information you can contact the Athletics Department or feel free to contact any individual coach. You can also call the Athletics Department directly at (602)787-7173.  In addition you may submit a profile on our website

Q:  If I want to participate in a sport, in how many credits to I have to be enrolled?

You must be enrolled full time at PVCC to participate in a sport. That means a minimum of 12 credit hours for the entire semester the sport takes place.

Q:  If I participate in a sport, how am I assured of academic success?

While it is the responsibility of all students to work hard academically, the Athletics Department staff at PVCC is committed to helping our student-athletes be successful both in the classroom and in athletic competition. To help do this, we receive progress reports from instructors through our online tracking system, PAWS (Paradise Athletic Web System).  If academic difficulty is reported by an instructor, we will take the appropriate steps necessary to work with the student-athlete to ensure their academic success.  Also, each team is assigned a faculty mentor who can help our student-athletes academically.  If you have questions or feel you are in need of help with your academics, please do not hesitate to ask someone in athletics for assistance!

Student-athletes also attend staffed P.A.S.S. Time (Puma Athlete Student Success) sessions two hours per week. This time is used to receive individual tutoring, participate in study groups, talk to your instructors, or utilize the computer lab or library.

Q:  Are scholarships available for students who participate in Athletics at PVCC, and are their limitations on the amount I can receive?

Yes, there are several types of scholarships available for student athletes. The head coach of each sport determines who will receive scholarships - however an ATHLETIC SCHOLARSHIP IS ONLY AVAILABLE TO ARIZONA RESIDENTS who are full time students.
There are also many scholarships available for all students through the Financial Aid office.  You may contact them at (602)787-7100.

Q:  If I participate in Athletics at PVCC, can I still participate in the Honors Program?

Yes, you can in two ways;
1)  Presidential scholarships recipients may be athletes too.
2)  The Honors Program accepts and awards scholarships to students who have completed 12 credit hours of 100 level and above course work and have an overall GPA of 3.25
The Honors office is in K115. You can reach them at (602)787-7888 or via the Honors website.

Q:  What types of documents do I need to submit to PVCC Athletics if I am a student-athlete?

The eligibility and physical packet is an online form that is filled out by all student-athletes each year of participation.  The best thing to do though is to speak with someone in the athletics department first. Individual coaches; Greg Silcox (602)787-6622,; Chrsitina Hundley (602)787-7173,

Q:  Is there a time limit on the number of years a student athlete can participate in a specific sport?

Yes, you cannot play more than two years (seasons) per sport. For example, you can run two years of cross country, play two years of soccer, etc. You can also participate in both a fall sport and a spring sport. As long as you satisfy the eligibility requirements, there are no age limits.

Q:  Are there Academic Advisors who specifically work with student athletes?

All of Paradise Valley's Academic Advisers are able to meet with student athletes. Please call for an appointment. (602)787-7060

Q:  When are tryouts scheduled and how often are practices held for a sport?

Tryouts are scheduled based on each sport, and are arranged by the head coach. Practice times and length are also arranged by the head coach. You should contact the head coach as soon as possible. Please contact the individual coaches for schedule information.

Q:  Will I be excused from class(es) if I participate in a regularly scheduled game or tournament?

Yes, all instructors are notified when student-athletes are excused from classes.

However, student-athletes are responsible for communicating with their instructors throughout the semester and for making up any work before an excused absence.

Q:  If I'm a student athlete at PVCC, do I have to pay to work out in the Fitness Center?

Yes, all students must be enrolled in a Fitness Center class to be able to work out there.

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