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Photo ID

When you arrive at the test center, you'll be required to show acceptable identification before being admitted to the test session. The ID you present must be an original ID, not a photocopy or reproduction, and must be current, not expired. Only the following forms of identification are acceptable. Please contact the Assessment/Testing Center at 602-787-7050 if you have questions.

Note: CLEP testing has restrictions on acceptable forms of ID. Download the Information for Candidates pamphlet which lists photo ID requirements along with other helpful information.

Acceptable forms of identification

  • Current valid (not expired or revoked) government-issued photo ID (must contain recognizable photo and first and last names):
    Note: ID cards issued for special programs such as recreation are not considered valid photo ID even though they may be issued by a government entity
    • Driver's license
    • State ID card (can be obtained at the Arizona Department of Transportation for students of any age)
    • Military ID
    • Passport
    • Tribal ID
    • Resident Alien or Naturalization card
    • Border Crossing Card
    • Current government-issued photo ID from a country outside the U.S., such as passport, consulate card, driver's license, voter ID, etc.
    • Photo ID issued by your school
      Note: cards issued by an entity other than the school, such as a photography studio or ChildFind, are not considered valid photo ID

Unacceptable forms of ID

You will not be admitted if you present any forms of ID other than those listed as acceptable. The following are examples of unacceptable identification:

  • An expired photo ID (such as an expired passport or driver's license)
  • Learner or beginner driver's permit without an official photo, even though it may include a physical description and signature
  • Photo ID with outdated or damaged photo that cannot be matched to the person presenting it
  • Photo ID issued for special programs such as recreation even though they may be issued by a government entity
  • Food handler's card
  • Charge, bank, check-cashing, or credit cards with or without photo
  • Photo ID issued for promotional purposes (e.g., amusement parks)
  • Birth certificate
  • Social Security card
  • Report card or diploma
  • Organization membership card
  • Police report of a stolen purse or wallet
  • Traffic ticket, even though it may include a physical description and signature
  • Your parent's photo ID
  • Recognition by a staff member
  • Telephone call to counselor or school official to identify you by talking to you on the phone or describing you over the phone
  • Graduation picture or family portrait
  • Fishing or hunting license
  • Self-produced ID for home-schooled students or other groups
  • ChildFind ID Card
  • Web page with photo
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